Pendampingan Pengembangan Inovasi Desain Kelompok Rajut Sejahtera Kotabaru, Yogyakarta


  • Centaury Harjani
  • Koniherawati
  • Anesti Budi Ermerawati
  • Dan Daniel Pandapotan



design innovation, crochet-based products, design characterization, market opportunity


Established in 2016, Rajut Sejahtera Community or so-called Ratra, a crochet community that was supported by the wives of retired soldiers in Kotabaru Yogyakarta, has equipped themselves with intensive practices on different crochet products such as bags, purses, and shoes. As their product marketing conducted in 2019 did not result in good economic income, the UKDW community service team proposed community mentoring to win the market better than before, with a concern of during-pandemic situation. Introducing product design innovation, the team is arranging a set of workshops focusing on tableware, home decoration, as well as simple-daily-used crochet products. The workshops meetings designed for honing creativity on Ratra’s distinctive crochet pieces cover packaging design, design principles, crochet tutorial videos in English, and an introduction to kinds of crochet materials as well as using them in crocheting. By the end of the mentoring program, Ratra community members are expected to be empowered to broaden their knowledge on various crochet-based products as well


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