Pengajaran Materi Perkembangan Manusia Untuk Guru-Guru Sekolah Kristen


  • Heliany Kiswantomo
  • Jane Savitri



development, competency, cognitive, motivation, teacher


Teachers have important roles in education system, so they must improve their competence. One of the institutions concerns about improving teacher competence is ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). ACSI in collaboration with Lecturers from the Faculty of Psychology, Maranatha Christian University, organizes teaching Human Development for Christian teachers in Indonesia. The purpose of this teaching is to increase teachers' understanding about Human Development, included development of physics-motor, cognitive, moral, spiritual, memory, learning, motivation and early child education. So that they can apply it in teaching students. The method used is using 8 learning videos that have been prepared by instructor. Participants are 26 teachers from several cities in Indonesia. Participants must watch that video on three weeks. After that, they have to do assigned tasks. On 22 and 29 May 2021, an online face-to-face meeting with zoom media was held, participants and instructors have met, with question and answer activities and discussions about topic that had been presented. After that meeting, an evaluation is carried out through the distribution of questionnaires. The results of the evaluation are that teacher’s understanding of human development has increased. Evaluation about the implementation also rated very good by most of participants The conclusion of this activity is that this teaching provides the benefit of increasing teachers' understanding of human development, so it can be recommended to be carried out regularly and take turns to teachers who have not had the opportunity to follow it.



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Heliany Kiswantomo and Jane Savitri 2021. Pengajaran Materi Perkembangan Manusia Untuk Guru-Guru Sekolah Kristen. Sendimas 2021 - Seminar Nasional Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat . 6, 1 (Nov. 2021), 192–197. DOI: