Pendampingan Komunitas Canting Laras Dusun Kalipenten Kulon Progo Sebagai Penyampai Pesan Damai Lintas Agama Melalui Lukisan Batik “Interreligius”


  • Djoko Prasetyo Adi Wibowo
  • Wahyu Nugroho



interreligious, Canting Laras, religious moderation, peace, batik painting


This community service is an effort to further develop the Javanese interreligious batik-painting so that it is not only a commodity of the local economy but able to contribute to the development of religious moderation in Kulon Progo and the wider communities. This service is motivated by the phenomena of religious intolerance that needs to be anticipated so that not causing a horizontal conflict. The role of art, in this case is batik-painting, is very effective and strategic as a medium of conveying messages as well as articulating the values of religious virtue. Moreover, Batik for Javanese people is an art that is lived and lived in a socio-cultural and personal manner. Canting Laras Community is a community that originally produced Javanese contextual batik paintings with a focus on one religion only. Mentoring is using a participatory method. This community is invited to develop theological discourses that producing reflections and transformations of religious life more essentially and widely through its encounters with the context of society. Based on such a process, the community can articulate the message of interreligious peace through batikmaking methods that are also always evolving. Their batik paintings are not limited to commercial commodities but also a medium of conveying a message of peace that carries a message of acceptance and appreciation on differences that are also manifestly lived by the batik itself (convivial) considering the tickers come from different religious and social backgrounds. The success of this community service is seen from the increasing quantities of batik-painting which are produced and sold. In addition, the product of interreligious batik-painting from this community is increasingly recognized and inspires interfaith communities at the national and international levels.


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