Pengembangan Kemampuan Literasi Kritis Melalui Pembelajaran Bahasa di SMP Sanjaya Girimulyo


  • Paulus Widiatmoko
  • Ignatius Tri Endarto



Literacy Program, Critical Literacy, Language Teaching


The government of Indonesia has launched the school literacy program for some years. However, its implementation this program has focused more on providing books in the literacy corner or library and has not comprehensively integrate the activities into courses. This community development program refers to the taxonomy of reading skill and the scheme of literacy manual of the school literacy program focusing on integrating students’ literacy development into language courses. It has also been conducted in response to inputs from teachers in which literacy program to provide students with quality texts as reading material during the distance learning scenario. In its implementation, reading materials that nurture critical literacy were chosen collaboratively with the teachers in mini workshops with the language teachers. The teachers responded positively, as this program could provide alternative activities to support distance instruction during Covid19 pandemic. Adjustments of activities should be done considering the school is located quite remote in mountainous area and varied socio-economic status of the family. The ongoing program expectedly empower teachers to understand the implementation of school literacy program in their courses as has been launched by the ministry of education for some years.


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